(BioAerosol Monitoring System)

The Latest Design

Real-time, continuous airborne microbial monitor


Certified ISO

particle detector

Most efficient,

user-oriented design

First truly portable microbial monitor

Monitoring Your Air In Real Time


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Delivering the only truly portable

instantaneous microbial monitoring system

  • Size range: 0.5μm to 10.0μm

  • Simultaneous detection of 6 channels

  • Microbial particle counts in real-time, without cultivation

  • Monitoring continuously 24/7

  • 5L/min ±5% Flowrate

  • Real-time data curves

  • Easy data review and print

  • Standard report: ISO/EUGMP/CHINESEGMP report

  • Minimalism design, only 20lb. in weight​





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MicronView, LLC (MV) combines innovative, optical technology and expertise to produce and distribute BAMS (BioAerosol Monitoring System), a leading patent-pending, real-time microbial monitor.

The MicronView executive leadership team has worked together for more than 15 years. During that time, they pioneered optical detection technology and instantaneous monitoring in the aerospace, pharmaceutical and drinking water industries, facilitating the early majority adoption window now taking place.

MicronView has the most uniquely experienced team with real-time microbial detection technology, worldwide.

Market Bests:
BAMS Features

BAMS detects microbial and inert particles in clean rooms in real-time enabling wide use across industries such as aerospace, biopharmaceutical, medicine & health, electronics, food, and optics. Main applications are clean room classification, clean room validation, indoor air quality monitoring, contaminant source tracking and contaminant trend analysis.


BAMS provides real-time feedback of air quality by monitoring microbial and inert particles 24x7. It enables users to make timely measurements without the traditional training method and consumables, significantly reducing test times.

The most experienced team - worldwide


MicronView LLC

1102 N. Anita Avenue

Tucson, AZ 85705

(520) 261-5105

Production & Distribution

Technical know-how

Microbiology expertise

FDA regulations, testing and auditing

Applications development

Technical support


Size (cubic feet)

Weight (pounds)

Display (inches)

AC & Battery

Easily carried

ISO 21501 compliant

BAMS vs. Compendial Method
  • Battery

    • Rechargeable Lithium Battery

    • 4-hour run time

    • On Screen Battery status and alerts

  • Printer

    • External, thermal line printer

    • Battery-powered

    • USB interface

  • Sample Inlet/Outlet

    • Inlet: fits 3/8” ID tubing

    • Outlet is enlarged to diffuse the exhaust

  • Communication I/O

    • USB

    • WIFI

    • Ethernet

    • Alarm out

    • Service Test Port

BAMS: Key Details
  • Optical technology platform

  • Detects each cell of bacteria

  • Real time detection results

  • First portable airborne microbial detector

  • Weighs just 20lb.

  • Just one cubic foot - 1/4-1/2 the size of competitive instruments

  • Large 8-inch, touch-screen interface

  • AC power plus a 2-hour battery

BAMS is the most cost effective solution available.
Additional Features
  • Setting parameters

    • Sample-by-sample zone

    • Sampling scheme

    • Operator

    • Time and date

    • Alarm parameters

    • Sample start and Stop

    • Counting format

  • Data

    • Records of all samples are listed

    • Sample Graph can be viewed

    • Counts can be viewed

    • Errors during a sample can be viewed

    • PDF/Excel data exports

    • Sample data can be printed

  • Data Transmission

    • Real-time during sampling.

    • 1-second Intervals

    • Units are Σ/m3

    • XML Format